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If you need new ideas and advice about your gate’s care and maintenance, check out our useful tips section from the experts below. Whatever type or model of gate you’re interested in installing for your home, our technicians will recommend the one that’s best for you and your budget.

  • The chain of a sliding gate should never be perfectly straight

    This indicates that there is too much tension in the chain. This causes both the chain and the motor to work harder. The rate of wearing of the idle wheel and the opener sprockets which the chain is connected too gets much higher. As a result, you might be stuck with a poorly performing gate which is at higher risk of failure.

  • Check a wood gate for dark spots frequently

    These spots indicate that the respective sections are soaked with water and a decay process may have begun. In this case, the gate will require immediate repair. If the decay spreads, this can ruin the unit completely. When running the inspection for decay, remember to check not only the panels, but the posts too.