Gate Repair

Professional Gate Repair Services for the Hardware

Even the toughest heavy-duty gate components can get damaged or worn out. If you notice any sign of malfunction, rely on us for automatic gate repair. Whether there is a problem with the hinge welding of your swing unit or you have a sliding unit with a bent track, we’ll fix the component and make the entire system work smoothly once again. Count on us to reduce the noise too. When our inspection shows that there are worn parts, like rollers or hinges, we will replace them with new ones which are strong and durable and have the same design and size. You can expect completely accurate installation even of the most specific components. Our company is always fully stocked on replacement parts, while our services cover residential gates of all types and makes without exception.

Reliable Gate Opener Repair

Got problems with the motor, hardware or one of the controls? Our gate repair services cover openers of both domestic and foreign brands, regardless of their model and year of manufacturing. Whether you have one of the most advanced hydraulic units, or a basic one that you’ve been using for decades, count on us to fix it professionally. When there is a broken or faulty component, we will replace it with a new one which has a matching size and specs and is designed to pull off excellent performance and withstand the test of time. Our services cover even the controls of your electric operator. If your remote has a short, for instance, rely on us for a quick solution.

Solving Problems with the Intercom

Do you find yourself struggling to hear what someone on the other side of the gate is saying? Or, perhaps, the button for opening the door doesn’t work? Our team is here to deal with these and all other issues affecting intercoms. Rely on us to fix traditional systems and more advanced ones which feature video cameras. We’ll identify whether the problem is with the receiver, transmitter or both and eliminate it in the shortest time. If the damage is beyond repair or the device has failed completely, you can count on us to change it for you, as part of our driveway gate repair services.

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