Gate Openers

Fixing Motors and Hardware  

Why is the electric gate not opening? The opener is most likely to blame for that. The motor may have stopped working, and if you have a sliding gate, the issue may be with the chain. If you have a swing unit, the moving arm may have failed. In either case, our company can help. We have long-term experience in gate repair. It doesn’t matter whether your unit comes from a major domestic brand or from one of the leading international manufacturers. Count on us to deal with the issue fast. If the motor has failed completely or there is a broken sprocket, gear or chain, we’ll replace it with a new one which has the exact same specs. You can rely on us to install the new component with precision, so that it fits perfectly.

New Gate Opener Installation

Whether you dream of a new opener that opens the gate quietly and quickly, or you want a model that has a solar panel in order to save energy, our job is to guide you to the ideal unit for you and to install it accurately and without any fuss. We will give you an overview of the different automatic gate openers which are suitable for your gate. Rely on us to explain the different technologies and the pros and cons of each option. It’s our commitment to ensure that the new system will be perfectly capable of handling your gate, given its size and weight. Our installation service is comprehensive and quite fast at the same time. We’ll program everything for you so that you can use your automatic gate conveniently from day one.

Scheduled Maintenance Services for Gate Openers

When you are too busy to take proper care of your gate and opener system, our team can take over. Remember that even the best gate openers need maintenance to run well. We provide scheduled services which cover all components, from the hardware parts to the safety sensors and the clickers. Our work involves running tests and checks in order to identify any problems. If we discover malfunctions or damage and in case there is a broken or completely worn hardware part, we’ll replace it with a new one without delay. This is how you will have a dependable and safe gate system, always.

If you have a problem with the opener or need a new one installed, give us a call.

At Gate Repair Lucas, we are readily available to help you out fast.